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     Online services help you get measured for your first pair of individually fitted patent-pending pierce free Fascinears® bases. Fascinears® are fitted as chiral (mirror image) earrings, so your left and right setting bases will not be interchangeable. You will get more ear-jewelry coverage ─ both the lobule's frontage and the entire sloping cartilage ridge above (dip-antitragus-dip incline). Your custom fit settings will mount onto tissue with no nerve endings. You'll be able to wear heavily weighted jewelry without squeezing or piercing lobe tissue. Fascinears® accurately secure to your ear, comfortably and painlessly. 

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     Sign up for the wait list to book an appointment to get your ears measured and sized for custom-fit Fascinears® settings, either a single or a pair. Your fitting appointment includes a resin trial model with which to test for comfort and security. Once you approve "ok to produce", we'll set your selected fine jewelry design. The cost of your appointment and trial model are deducted from your order.   

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