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Cargo-Only Base with White Crystal Onboards

●  Genuine Gold and Sterling Silver Jewelry
●  Credentialed Precious Gem and Metal Sourcing

●  Custom-Fit, Pierce-Free Settings

●  Sustainably Managed

●  Moderately and fairly priced


Because all Facinears™ settings are custom fit, each pair is one-of-a-kind. No two pairs are ever exactly alike.  All designs are limited edition. Precious gemstone designs are set using Jewelers of America New York affiliated, credentialed diamond and gem sources.

Cargo-Only Base with White Crystal Onboards

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Customer converted these heavy white crystal pre-owned earrings easily onto right and left custom-fitted patent-pending Fascinears™ Cargo Bases. The first two images show converted pierce-earrings as mounted onto Fascinears™ onboard bases. The second two images show the pierce-earrings as traditionally threaded onto a model with lowered pierce openings. Heavy traditional pierced earrings weighting upwards of 30 grams and more each ear pull downward on soft lobule tissue. Over time, continuous pulling adds to lobe elongation.  Slicing and other damage also may occur due to heavily weight euro-wire and post piercing earring settings.  In the first two photos, pierce-mounting features have been removed, and the jewely art has then been mounted onto right and left custom fitted Fascinears™ cargo bases, solving the problem.

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