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     About Cargo Setting Bases: Basic Upper Cargo models do not come with prong, bezel, or pave set precious gems. Instead, these versatile base models allow wearers to add items from their own jewelry collections or from purchases made via other vendors. Have a heavy earring with a euro-wire pierce setting that cuts into your lobule? Remove the wire and use the circular loop remaining (or add one) to slide the earring onto the top of the cargo model. The jewelry piece will mount more beautifully than below your lobule.  Patent-pending Cargo Models function when the wearer uses hidden converters found along the custom-fit setting base. Wearers "onboard" and "offboard" any from among an unlimited number of add-on options. One Cargo Model Base = unlimited onboards mounted just above the upper lobule's soft tissue.  Although onboards tend to hail from among the costume-jewelry category--cargo base are made of fine jewelry metals.

     Please go to "Book a Fitting" and "Shop All Fine Jewelry" on the main menu to learn more about how to get fitted for this versatile setting base to add to your wardrobe. See samples of the base as mounted with featured costume add-ons, with before and after views, above.  

     *Due to the patent-pending status of the invention, setting bases are not shown on this website at this time. Add-ons/take-offs not included with Cargo Base Model purchases at this time. Most brands are compatible with Fascinears™ custom-fit Cargo Bases, and add-ons may hail from any vendor.

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