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Setting Service

     Explore setting options here. Have an enlarged pierced hole or elongated lobule tissue that needs lifting and covering? Try the LobeLift™ model. Never got pierced or never will? All Fascinears® are pierce-free and lobule-squeeze-free. Because they contact tissue with no nerve endings, you can wear them all day. Have a collection of post or Euro-wire piercings that droop or pull your lobules downward?  Choose a cargo base with slide-on features, which are small embedded converters that will onboard, meaning receive, those rarely-worn jewelry designs. Converters allow you to mount the artistry of traditional pierced earring designs you already own painlessly above the lobules, or as dangles below.

     Men, we can help you mount any motif vertically onto the frontal display area of your ear, meaning the "earscape" of the lower one-third of your ear. Heavily weighted adornment(s) stay put so comfortably you'll forget the earwear device is mounted. Animal, sport, military themes and more mount onto the front of your custom-fitted patent-pending individually fitted setting base.

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