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Q & A: Why do right and left ear designs look the same even though they are ordered separately?

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

As a male, I want to wear a single Fascinears® brand earring on my left ear. Can't I wear either setting on either ear?

Good question! Every finished custom-fit Facinears® setting base is measured, sized, and fitted for each individual's right ear, left ear, or both ears to buy as a set part. This means a set pair of Facinears® are chiral, meaning mirror images of one another. Because Facinears® are pierce-free, the comfortable engineering (meaning no squeezing, clamping, or puncturing ear tissue) they must be custom-fitted for assignment to either a right ear or a left ear. Facinears™ are not interchangeable between one another, or between other wearers, because they fit your individual ear, not your neighbors! Men in particular are fond of the Basic Upper Cargo Base Models. These stripped down setting bases are outfitted with hidden converters upon which full coverage add-on adornments are affixed. Heading to the ball game? Change up your adornment with something more sporty. Are you a hunter? Slide on a roman claw motif. Any memorabilia or motif will work, the sky is the limit. And most importantly, old pierce throughs too heavy? Most can be adapted to "slide onto" the converter-arm with ease or via an additionally added circular joining connector, sometimes called a "jump clip). Have fun, and remember to change your add-ons to include black stones or white diamonds when you change into your Tuxedo!

“Depending on the base and setting style you choose, your patent pending setting base may or may not show somewhat. It all depends on your style and preferences,” Linda M. McGuire, COO, Jewelry Lab America, Inc. and Co-Founder of the Fascinears® brand.

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