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What is a Cargo Base?

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Fascinears® cargo setting bases let you onboard existing gems, jewelry and other decor by using hidden converter features. Once you get custom fitted, you can re-use your logged measurements to procure any of a number of options.

Right, a finished custom-fit cargo base includes an attached converter upon which the add-on adornment is affixed. Heading to the socker game? Change up your adornment with something more casual. Cloth tassles, animal motifs, memorabilia, the sky is the limit. Old pierce throughs too heavy? Most can be adapted to "slide on" the converter-arm with ease of via an additionally added circular joining connector.

“Depending on the style you choose, your "straps" aka loop latch (think bra strap) may or may not show. It all depends on your style and preferences.”

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